If you’ve decided on a remodeling project, you might be wondering, “When is the best time to get started?” There are a couple of points that make certain remodeling projects better suited for certain seasons, but the correct time to start a remodeling project is always when you feel most prepared. If you’re ready, here are our suggestions for the “ideal” times to start your projects to keep your timeline and budget in line:

January – Early March

The beginning of the year is a great time to start an addition like patios, pergolas, and sunrooms. January doesn’t always mean freezing temperatures, and the cool ground and dry air of the season are ideal conditions for digging foundations and pouring concrete. As you get into the spring season, muddy ground and humidity will make it harder to dig. Once the foundation is done or the room addition framed, it can be undercover for the unpredictable spring weather.

Plus, the dry, winter months tend to be less busy for contractors and you’ll have less “rain days” where no one works on your project. Together, these conditions mean a faster project with fewer speed bumps.

April – June

Ah, Spring! Out with the old and in with the new! The fair weather and tax returns will drive most homeowners to start their projects this time of year; it’s the busiest time for most builders. High demand means you’re likely to wait longer times for stock and delivery of materials and you might experience labor shortages. All in all, those conditions make for a more costly and slower remodel.

In terms of the weather, projects like decks, which require hand-digging, are best started this time of year since the ground is usually softer. Other outdoor projects like patios and outdoor rooms are also good to plan since you’ll be able to enjoy the completed projected before the temperature turns scorching in July and August.


Summer heat is no joke! During the summer months, it’s best to tackle indoor work like bathroom remodels. Roofing, however, is the one exception! Most roofing projects are completed in the summer, given that certain roofing materials need higher temperatures to seal.

With the summer heat, there’s also the possibility of contractors stalling work if the temperature gets dangerously high. They will be cautious about the safety of their workers, and if it’s too hot for the job, your project could end up taking longer than expected.

On the other hand, if you vacation during summer or have a summer home, planning your remodels for when you and your family will be away might be the ideal option. You can avoid having to live within a construction zone and come back to a brand new addition!


As soon as Halloween hits, homeowners will be in a rush to finish jobs before the holidays! This typically isn’t a busy season for remodelers as a result. When contractors have fewer projects, the cost of labor decreases, so you might be able to save considerably if you don’t mind crews in your home during the holidays. However, materials may take longer to ship, so be prepared for a longer project.

The months of October and November will be ideal for outdoor work and starting new construction. This quarter is generally a good time, weather-wise, to start any project, from sunrooms to bathroom remodels!

Of course, there are timing concerns with any remodeling project. If the weather has taken a turn for humid and rainy, it’s not a great time for any project.

Also, make sure you’re really giving yourself enough time to get quotes, compare prices, and research companies. If you’ve decided on a project recently, don’t expect construction to start right away; chances are you’ll need time to review contracts and settle on a design. The contractor will also need time to order materials and schedule crews.

Use this guide to better plan your remodels in advance!

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