You’re finally getting the window replacements that you’ve been wanting! You probably spent a lot of time researching to find the best window company and window features for your home, but what about window installations? If you’re feeling unprepared for the big day, then don’t worry. Below are some tips for getting your home ready for your new window installation.

Remove window dressings and wall hangings.

Save your contractors time by removing all window dressings before they arrive. This includes drapes, curtain rods, and blinds. You should also remove any pictures or wall hangings that are close to the windows that are being replaced, just as a precaution so that they are not accidentally knocked off and broken.

Remove obstructions from the inside and outside of the installation site.

The window installers will need clear, unobstructed access to your windows before they can be removed and new ones installed. Remove any indoor and outdoor furniture from the area, as well as flowerpots, shrubbery, grills, and anything else that could get in the way or become damaged.

Establish a clear walking path from your door to the windows.

You want your remodelers to be able to work quickly and safely. Help to make this happen by providing a clear path from your entry door to the interior of the windows being replaced. This might include rugs, decorative items, furniture, and children’s toys.

Provide a designated, outside workstation.

Your window installers will need a convenient and safe space to keep their materials and tools while installing your window replacements. Establish a clear outdoor workspace for them to use, such as a spot on your driveway or in your garage.

Keep children and pets safely away from the worksite.

Window installations involve careful measurements and other procedures that require care and focus. Help your remodelers do their best work by keeping children and pets away from the site of the window installation. Not only is this important for the window installers; you don’t want your little ones to become injured by debris, tools, or other materials that might be around during installation.

Are You Still Looking for a Trusted Window Company?

Hiring the right window company is important for ensuring that your windows turn out the way you expect and deserve. If you’re still looking for a team that provides fast, high-quality window installations, then turn to Mad City Windows. Give us a call today to learn about our many custom vinyl window features and to get a free cost estimate for your project!