Air Leaks are common in homes with old doors and windows, Hence, suppose your home experiences warmer or cooler temperatures in specific rooms than the rest of your house. Then chances are, the window in that room has cracks or openings that allow air inside the room. Leaky windows are the last thing any homeowner wants because they can increase your electric bills. If you want to determine if your home has air leaks and prevent them, we will discuss everything our window installation experts want you to know in this article. 

Signs That Your Home Needs A New Window

You may already suspect air leaks in your home due to recent surges in electric bills. If you are unsure, you can request our reliable experts to do an air leak check. 

There are several ways to spot leaky windows and here are some tell-tale signs to look out for: 

  • Rotten Wood Around Your Exterior Windowsill
  • Cracks and Holes Around Your Windows or Other Parts of Your Home
  • Movement When You Rattle Your Windows Indicating a Loose Fitting
  • Increase in Electricity Bills 
  • Water Dripping Inside Your Home When It Rains
  • Air Drafts While Window is Closed
  • Uneven Temperature in Parts of The Same Room
  • Cloudy Glass Panes 

Techniques To Prevent Air Leaks 

Once you detect window leaks, it is important to take that you take action as soon as possible to prevent irreparable damage. Before calling in a window repair company, here are two easy air-sealing techniques that can help prevent air leaks if carried out frequently. 


Caulk is widely used to describe different sealants for sealing gaps between materials. There are so many types of caulk and figuring out the right one to use should be based on professional recommendations. However, caulks can be used to seal window frames, gaps, and cracks around the window. 


Weatherstripping is an excellent and inexpensive way to temporarily seal air leaks. It’s better than stuffing newspaper in between window frames to stop air leaks. We recommend that you get a professional to help determine the right weatherstripping for your home windows. 

How We Install Leak Proof Windows

After discovering a leaky window, your best bet is to get an energy-efficient window replacement. To install a window, you need the services of a professional window company like Mad City Windows. We take extra precautions to deliver efficient services and consider the design of your home when suggesting window features and options. Here are some steps we take to install a leak-proof window in your home: 

  1. Uninstall the old window panes and prepare the area for new window installation.
  2. We use a flashing tape on the sill underneath the window and let it run vertically from four to six inches. Our experts also ensure that it overlaps with the flashing applied horizontally at the bottom of the windowsill. 
  3. For the head flashing, we make use of a metal flashing. However, before the metal flashing, we apply a large amount of caulk to the top border of the windowsill to create a watertight seal. 
  4. Afterward, we strengthen the flashing with a new layer of caulk. 
  5. Finally, we install the new window in the opening, ensuring it’s aligned and properly installed. 

Since coming into existence in 1998, Mad City Windows has provided award-winning window replacement services in the Midwest. As a top local remodeling company, we understand that style is essential, hence, we are well versed in fitting windows of different styles including vinyl windows. Begin your journey to an air leak-free home by requesting a free quote or calling us today.