Whether you are casually looking at window replacement or urgently need new windows, there are lots of options available for your Midwestern home. Thanks to rising utility costs, energy efficient windows are among the most popular choices for window installation.

Efficient windows usually boast a lot of window features, like argon ‘gas fill’ to provide additional protection against the elements. But what exactly does that mean for the homeowner?

What is Argon Gas?

One of the seven noble gases, argon gas is an ‘inert’ gas, which means that it doesn’t easily react to other substances. It’s used to protect areas and materials against potential chemical reactions, such as in welding.

Argon gas is the third most abundant gas on Earth, per Wikipedia. It is a readily available and affordable gas for use in home construction and other purposes. More than that, argon is six times denser than air and boasts low thermal conductivity. So, it is great at insulating against heat and cold.

How is it Used in Energy Efficient Windows?

Most windows in homes have double-pane glass to insulate against outside temperatures. While double-pane or even triple-pane glass is a helpful window feature, some heat transfer still passes through the air between the glass panes.

To further protect against heat loss, manufacturers add inert gases between the panes of glass, like:

  • Argon Gas
  • Krypton Gas

By the way, krypton gas is about 12 times denser than air which makes it far more efficient than argon gas. But argon remains more popular for window installations in spite of this because krypton is harder to source. Krypton gas is also about 40% more expensive than argon.

How to Know When the Seal Has Failed in Your Old Windows?

If you have older home windows, it’s possible that the seals around your glass panes have dried out, allowing the gas inside to escape. This will make those windows a lot less efficient at keeping heat and cold from entering your home.

There are some signs that your windows have failed. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Higher Energy Bills: If your utility bills go up it could indicate that your windows aren’t as effective at keeping the temperature inside your home stable. This causes the HVAC system to compensate by kicking on more often.
  • Drafts Around the Windows: When the seals break it can also create micro air currents as outside air seeps in through the cracks.
  • Condensation Between the Panes: You may notice fog or water spots developing inside the windows whenever it cools off or rains outside.

Consider an Estimate for Window Replacement in the Midwest

Replacing windows that have failed can improve your comfort in the home and lower your utility bills in the long run. At Mad City Windows, we’d like to take care of this project for you. Allow us to set up a free consultation with a window installer.

Our Upper Midwest window company also offers other remodeling services, like:

  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Cabinet Refacing

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