The answer to this question is definitely yes but a roof alone will not benefit you as much as adding other energy saving items to your home. You can benefit more if you choose to add an insulated attic along with a ventilated roof as this will help to reduce the amount of heat lost and the amount of condensation of moisture during the winter months. This combination will also help reduce the retention of heat in the summer. But yes you can reduce your energy bills by getting a new roof – the right roof.

Roofing options that help you to save money on your energy bills can be a bit expensive but the good news is that the money you spend now will save you money down the road. You will save money both on your energy bills as well as on the replacement or repair of other items in your home. An energy efficient room will keep your home comfortably cool in the summer and comfortably warm in the winter. These types of roofs are made with sun protection and so they tend to last longer than other roof types, thus adding to your savings.

Roofing Materials

If you are looking for the best energy efficient roof it is wise to choose a roofing material that has a high level of solar reflectance. These types of roofs are better at reflecting the energy from the sun back into the environment so it is not absorbed into your home. They have a reduced surface temperature of up to 30% less than your average roofing material. Roofs that offer the most energy efficiency have high emittance which means they easily release the solar heat they absorb.


Some of the options for roof materials include metal, asphalt, tile and concrete. Concrete and clay tile roofs can save you the most in the long run since they are the most energy efficient but they have a high installation cost. However their energy efficiency does not differ in different types of climates which is also a plus. You want to avoid aluminum and metal roofs that are not painted; these are the least energy efficient. A new option on the market for roofing is the photovoltaic cell roofing which helps you to save money on your energy bills by creating electricity from the sunlight it absorbs while protecting your home from the heat.

Adding Insulation to Your Roof

For added efficiency you can add insulation to your roof. The insulating capacity of insulating material is measured with the R-value. If you live in areas where the climate is mostly cold you will benefit from choosing insulation with a higher R-value as it will help to trap heat inside your home and thus will lower your energy bills as it lowers your cost of heating.

Tax Credits

There are additional benefits of replacing your roof with a newer energy efficient one. In most states there is a tax credit for installing an energy efficient roof and there may be other rebates that you may be eligible for because you are changing to a more energy efficient roof. To benefit from these incentives you have to choose roofing products that are Energy Star rated. These will have the Energy Star label so it will be easy to tell. Roofs that have this rating have the ability to reflect enough of the sun’s heat, enough to lower the surface temperature of your roof by 100°F.


The color of the roof you choose also affects how energy efficient it is. If you lie in a warm climate you should choose a light colored roof that will reflect the heat better. The reverse applies to those who live in colder climates – choose a roof with a darker color which will absorb more heat.


If you live in a warm climate and can’t seem to keep your home cool but can’t afford to get a new roof you can apply a light colored coating to your existing roof to the lower your energy costs. Though this won’t be as much as you would see if you were to install a new energy efficient roof it can help to reduce the surface temperature of your roof between 50°F and 80°F.

Hire the Right Roofing Contractor

It doesn’t stop at that though, in order to save the most money in total you need to choose the most cost effective contractor for installing the roof. Ensure the contractor is very experienced in installing roofs that are energy efficient. Ensure they are licensed to do so as well as provide a warranty for the work and a warranty for the materials used.


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