Investing in replacement windows can seem like a simple project, but if you’re not educated on the process it can become a lot more complicated than you’d think.

First and foremost, homeowners need to select the right window replacement products for their homes. This means gaining an understanding of the many options, including the materials, styles, and costs of each product. Homeowners will also need to decide whether they’re planning a DIY window replacement project or hiring a contractor to have the window replaced—as well as the pros and cons of each decision.


As we mentioned, a high-quality window replacement will add serious value to your home and investment. For this reason, it’s usually worth it to consider hiring a professional window company for the best results. Whether you’re planning on hiring licensed window contractors or doing it yourself, take a moment to look into what actually goes into the process of installing replacement windows with this guide from Mad City Windows—your Wisconsin experts in home remodeling.

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Window?

Most homeowners want to know how long the replacement window process is going to take from start to finish. It’s impossible to say exactly how long it’s going to take without knowing your situation. In general, however, it usually takes just under an hour to install one window. Multiple window installations will take much longer, and can even extend to a few days or more to complete if there are many being replaced at once.

That’s just the installation, though—the entire process can take weeks from the moment you choose your contractor or purchase your window products for a DIY replacement. This will depend on a variety of factors, including the availability of your contractor, shipment times, the type of windows you choose, the layout of your home, building codes and homeowner’s association rules, and the weather—just to name a few.

Preparing for a Window Replacement

The good news is that despite the numerous obstacles that can stand in your way, there are a lot of things you can do to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for your window installation day. Some things to consider doing include:

  • Strip the Window Treatments: This involves the removal of your blinds, curtains, and any other materials centered on your windows.
  • Deactivate Security Alarms: If you have sensors, alarm, or other signs of home security take the time to deactivate and remove them. This will allow your installer to get started immediately.
  • Clear the Way: Windows are bulky and heavy. Make sure that the installer isn’t going through an obstacle course for a living room. In addition, make sure to remove everything from the walls so everything is out of the way and safe. If you have the time and ability, feel free to remove any bushes or trees in the way.
  • Keep it Clean: Your installer will do this for you, but you can save time by putting down drop cloths ahead of time to keep everything clean. If the installer doesn’t need to prep the area, then they can focus on the installation.
  • Keep Updated on Progress: Before installation occurs, you should meet with the one in charge of the window installation project to make sure all details are covered. You don’t want to be stuck waiting an extra day because something wasn’t actually ordered/delivered. In addition, meet with the homeowner’s association or equivalent to get all permits, codes, etc. needed to prevent delays to your new replacement windows.

The Installation Process from Start to Finish

The first thing that happens during the process is the contract signing. Before you sign the agreement, look it over carefully to ensure there are no hidden fees or confusing terms. Make sure the measurements and chosen materials are correct if already known. Once signed, the windows should be ordered from the manufacturer and the delivery date set. Know that custom windows will take longer to arrive than

standard ones.


After the installer has received the windows and materials, it’s time to set the installation date. Choose a date that will work for both you and the crew and make arrangements if you’re not going to be there physically at any point during the installation.

In general, skilled window contractors will be able to replace anywhere from 8-15 windows within a day—depending on the complexity of the project, the type of windows, and other factors. The time of your installation will vary, but a good estimation of the amount of time between contract signing to the finished project is usually around six-weeks, with installation ranging between one and three days.

Energy-Efficient Windows and Superior Installations in Wisconsin

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for homeowners in Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. We want our customers to feel comfortable with the home remodeling process, which is why our window company is dedicated to providing friendly, efficient service and affordable solutions for homeowners in the Midwest.


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