If you need emergency repairs, the best time is always ASAP. Broken or warped siding could mean your home is left exposed to the elements. But if your siding is old, dented, or merely cracking from the summer sun, could you benefit from waiting for the perfect opportunity? As it turns out, yes —particularly if you’re installing vinyl siding! Vinyl is sensitive to extreme temperatures, so winter or summertime replacements can affect your installation quality.

So what is the ideal time to re-side your home? The short answer is: usually in the fall. Read on to find out why!

The Summer Sun Can Melt & Expand Vinyl

Like most plastics, vinyl can melt if exposed to high temperatures, but that’s not the main reason to steer clear of summer installs. High heat can cause the material to expand and stretch. If you were to nail vinyl siding in 100-degree weather, it could be over half an inch longer than it is in colder temperatures. The expanding siding might bump against the window casings, causing it to buckle and eventually fall off.

Cold Weather = Brittle Vinyl & Tight Installs

On the other hand, you typically do not want to install vinyl siding if temperatures drop below 50 degrees. In the winter, installations run into the opposite problem: the panels to contract, making it easy to nail them on too tight. The freezing weather also makes the vinyl more brittle. Nailing the siding could cause it to crack and break apart, leading to wasted panels and higher material costs.

Springtime Means Too Much Moisture

Springtime installs usually run into delays because of rain. Pausing your install halfway through could expose your home to moisture and mold. You don’t have to be a contractor to know how mold can spell disaster for your home!

Fall Installations Get You Winter Ready

replace siding

Here in Wisconsin, we face some pretty brutal winters; it’s a reality your home’s exterior faces every year. When you opt to replace your siding in the fall, you can use the opportunity to upgrade to our insulated vinyl or foam-backed siding. Installing foam-backed siding is like wrapping your entire home in a blanket of high-performance insulation. It provides an energy upgrade by adding as much as 25% more insulation to your home. Other benefits include…

  1. Easy Maintenance: This quality siding requires no painting and very little maintenance. It’s also chip-resistant, so you can count on years of beautiful, durable performance.

  2. Pest Control: Carpenter ants and termites aren’t interested in this siding, so they’ll take their infestations elsewhere!

  3. Boosts Curb Appeal: Choose from many styles that mimic the look of real wood in a low-maintenance composite.

We’re in the perfect season for vinyl siding replacement! Not sure if you need to replace your siding? One of our trained professionals can help. Request a free quote online, and we’ll be in touch to confirm your appointment. We’ll go through your current situation and make recommendations based on your budget and timeline. We’ll even discuss our industry-leading warranty and pricing. Request your appointment now and rest easy knowing new siding from Mad City Windows will protect your home this winter!