If you’re looking to transform your backyard in a low-maintenance yet affordable way, you might want to look into having a pergola installed.

Pergolas are easily customizable and come in many shapes and sizes. They can be attached to your home or freestanding and create a definitive space. It’s a great way to gain some privacy and protection from UV rays and heat. Pergolas are also an ideal environment for plants and climbing vines to grow since the plants can get a large amount of sunlight through the openings at the top of the pergola.

Our pergolas are made from heavy-duty aluminum that stands the test of time!

Operable pergolas have motorized panels that can open or close at the push of a button for added protection in any weather… sheltering YOU from wind, rain, and sun.

Adding a pergola adds value to your home by maximizing your functional outdoor space. You can even boost the curb appeal of your home by installing a pergola over an entranceway!

They add value to your home and can be used as an extra space for entertaining guests. Add beauty to your backyard and make every day a vacation!

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