Your entry door is the first impression that any visitor has to your house, so its importance cannot be understated! Here are some tips from your local remodeling experts on how to make sure your entryway looks welcoming and inviting for your guests. 

Paint your door.

Painting your door will not only give your entryway a visually interesting pop of color, but it will also protect your door from the elements. A new color for your door is an easy update with a big impact.

Clean your glass door regularly. 

If you have a glass door, you’ll know that while ultra modern and sleek, they also attract fingerprints and smudges like crazy! To be sure that your entryway consistently looks welcoming, you’ll want to clean the surface of the glass and remove any smudge marks regularly.

Set the tone of your house with some wall art.

You’ll want to welcome guests into your home by giving them an overall impression of your interior decor right off the bat. Some nice wall art is always a great idea to start your guests off on the right foot. 

If your entryway is tight, use a mirror. 

Some entryways might be crammed and difficult to decorate, in which case we recommend using a mirror to reflect light and open up the space. Utilizing mirrors in tight spaces is a classic interior design trick that is often used in order to make a space feel bigger than it actually is.

Include a natural place to drop shoes, jackets, keys, etc.

The first thing on most people’s to-do lists when they enter a home is dropping off their miscellaneous items like shoes, jackets, and keys. One decorating tip that will set your entryway apart is the thoughtful addition of a dedicated space for guests to take their shoes off, drop off their jackets, and place their keys for easy remembrance. 

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