When it comes to investing in your home, sometimes big projects aren’t always the wisest investment. Every home could use some extra TLC every now and then, but it can be difficult to know where to begin or how big of a project you want to take on. Investing in your home can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve compiled a list of simple improvements that can turn a small investment now into a big payoff later.

Boost the Bathroom

Add a window: Include a window in the shower to fight off humidity and save on energy costs. We recommend an awning window so you can let steam escape as you shower while keeping your privacy. Windows also help open up space and make the room feel bigger, no matter which room they’re in. 

Recaulking: Re-caulk your bathroom to prevent mildew and leaks — this simple (and cheap) investment seems subtle, but small changes can make a big difference. Not only will it make your bathroom look nicely maintained, but a fresh coat of caulk can prevent water damage for years if done correctly.

Tub Liner: If you’re looking for an affordable investment that will upgrade the look and function of your bathroom, tub liners are a great option. Tub liners are a great investment if you are looking for a simple cosmetic upgrade to your bathroom. Durable, easy to clean, and quick to install, tub liners are a fantastic and affordable way to give your bathroom a facelift without starting from scratch. 

Earn Extra Dough By Updating the Kitchen

  • Cabinets: Investing in your kitchen doesn’t have to mean a total re-do. An easy and affordable kitchen renovation is to upgrade the cabinets. Refacing the cabinets can update the style, maintain durability, and avoid a long-term installation which gets expensive quickly. 

  • Countertops: To quickly add value to your kitchen, investing in a sturdy countertop can bring new personality into your space, but also will add tremendous value to your home right after installation.

Exterior Improvements 

While a lush front lawn can show that you know how to invest in the look of your home, it’s important to remember to invest in the function of these exterior items as well.  A first impression of a house includes the doors, siding, and windows, so remember that a little curb appeal past the front lawn goes a long way.

  • New Windows: Replacing the outdated, inefficient, and drafty windows in your home is one of the smartest investments you can make. New windows makes your home more energy efficient while cutting down on heating and cooling bills. To make your home stand out from the crowd, consider investing in a bay or bow window to add space and visual appeal.

  • Upgrade Your Doors: The look of a door can set an expectation of what you’ll feel in the room. When walking through a door, you want to feel welcomed into the space. The color of a door can inspire certain moods, and so can the sound! Flimsy or creaky doors make a bad first impression and feel unsettling, so it’s important to invest in secure, efficient doors that glide open and feel stable on the hinges. 

When you invest in your home, you’re also investing in your quality of life and comfort for years to come. Plus, when you’re ready to sell your home, these small investments will pay off in the long run. To explore more ideas on how to invest in your home, check out some of our past projects



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