When you’re picking out tiles for your bathroom spaces you need to consider both style and functionality. The right tiles can complete your bathroom space and accomplish the look you were hoping for. Here is a guide to questions to consider when you’re picking out tiles for your space!

Different Tiles-Different Spaces

There will be multiple locations in your bathroom space that you could choose to add tile to. The shower floor, wall or ceiling, a backsplash, or the bathroom floor. Choosing your must-have tile material can be a great way to design the rest of your bathroom to flatter your favorite tile! If your choice is something colorful, patterned, or large in size, it would be best to choose more minimal decor or hardware to really help your favorite tile pop and add visual interest. A great rule of thumb is to choose no more than three different tiles for your bathroom space – anything more can look a bit busy. 

Shower Tile 

The tile that goes in your shower needs to be both durable and safe. For the floor tile, you want to ensure that it will not be slippery when wet. For the walls and ceiling, it’s always good to consider water resistant materials to avoid mold. The ceiling and walls of your shower are a great place to add color or design as there will be more options to choose from. When choosing your shower tile, take maintenance into consideration – porcelain or ceramic tile is practically maintenance-free and easy to clean, so you can spend less time cleaning your tiles and more time enjoying them! 


Backsplashes are a space for you to get creative! Backsplashes are always a great space to add a pop of color to your bathroom. Getting creative with your material choice is also common here; porcelain, glass, and ceramic can all make for a beautiful backsplash. If you have dark cabinetry or hardware, lighter tiles on your backsplash can help the space from feeling to dark or cramped. Additionally, lighter tiles can reflect light and make the space feel bigger, especially if under a window or mirror! 

Bathroom Floor

Your floor needs to be both durable and non-slip. Water on your bathroom floor is not avoidable, but making sure it is safe to walk on is a must! Adding texture to your bathroom tile flooring can add some texture, durability, and accessibility. If you opt for smooth tile on your bathroom floor, make sure to keep the tile away from wet areas that are prone to be slick.

Color Choices

The colors you choose for your bathroom tile can have big effects on your space.For a smaller space, light colors can help make the space feel larger. For a larger space, darker colors could also work well. Adding an accent wall in your bathroom can also help bring the space together. 

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