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Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting time for a homeowner. You get to rid yourself of the old fixtures you don’t want anymore, and you have the opportunity to start thinking about what kind of new appliances you would like in their place. 

At Mad City Windows, we help you make all of those decisions, stress-free. We are a respected name among Bishop Hill bathroom contractors, and over twenty years in the remodeling business has taught us a few things about helping homeowners get the best value for their money.

Some of the services we can assist you with include:

Well-Designed Bath Conversions

One of the best parts of remodeling is that you get the chance to make major changes to your space. A change that many homeowners find beneficial is a bath conversion. Bath conversions help to maximize the availability of your space depending on your home’s needs. For example, a smaller home may have a bathroom that doesn’t have much extra space. Removing your current bathtub and replacing it with a shower system can save you precious space but still give you the luxury of designing your own shower system.

On the other hand, if you have lots of extra space and want to give your bathroom an elegant atmosphere, bath conversions can exchange a shower stall for a spacious bathtub. Choosing to install a tub is also a great idea for homeowners with young children.

Fast and Efficient Tub Replacement

We don’t like to keep our customers waiting. We have streamlined our tub replacement services so that our work is fast and efficient, benefiting homeowners and never sacrificing quality. Our skilled contractors can remove your old tub and have the new one installed in under a day. Our one-day baths mean you won’t have to worry about not having access to your bathroom for an extended period of time, making our remodeling options convenient for your day-to-day living.

Wide Walk-In Tubs

Sometimes, a traditional tub isn’t the way to go. If you have certain mobility needs, you may want to consider choosing one of our walk-in tubs. This style is similar to a traditional bathtub but offers unique accessibility features for your safety. Build-in seating lets you sit while you bathe, leaving less possibility for slips and falls. We offer optional grab bars which can provide an extra element of support as you enter and exit the tub.

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Mad City Windows is a top business among Quad Cities bathroom remodelers. We have a 4.9 star rating out of over 800 reviews. That’s a lot of satisfied customers! Our tub replacement services have been helping homeowners maintain their homes since 1998. Stop by today, and get a free quote to get started on your own remodeling journey for your Bishop Hill home!

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