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If you want a bright, functional, and attractive bathroom, it is possible with help from Mad City Windows. We're local Greenfield bathroom contractors who can build a custom space that is perfectly matched to your vision. For more than 20 years, we've been serving the Milwaukee area as a family owned company. Our team is known for their courtesy, skill, and wide selection of design options.

Get a refreshed bathroom faster than you can imagine with our:

  • Bathtub Replacement Services
  • One-Day Bath Services
  • Walk-In Tub Installation
  • Bathroom Conversions

Get a Swift Bathtub Replacement

If you are looking for a quality tub replacement in Greenfield, you'll want to check with us. We can provide a custom-made bathtub in one of dozens of styles for homeowners. Each one boasts a lifetime guarantee with a durable, non-porous acrylic surface. They remain attractive and stain-free for years, while also being easy to clean up.

Updated Baths in as Little as One Day!

It's not hard to upgrade your bathroom with our one-day baths. In just one installation appointment you can enjoy a brand-new bath enclosure, wall surround, and fixtures. Depending on the complexity of your project, we may also be able to complete other renovations, such as cabinets and windows. Certainly, our team will make sure you are satisfied with the results of our work quality products and careful installation!

Seek Out a Senior-Friendly Bath Solution

If you want to find a better solution to bathing in your home, then consider our walk-in tubs. These innovative bathtubs are senior-friendly, boasting multiple safety features and soothing hydrotherapy jets. After we install this product, you'll be able to relax in the bathtub again without worry over slipping or falling in the bathroom.

Space-Saving Bathroom Conversions

The right fixture is essential to convenient and functional bathrooms. If you are feeling a bit tight on space, our bath conversions maybe the answer. We'll switch out your overly large bathtub with a smaller shower enclosure. If you have plenty of room but would rather a tub in place of the shower, we can also install the bathtub of your choice.

For an Exact Estimate on Our Greenfield Bathroom Remodels

As you can see there are many kinds of options for bathroom remodeling in the Milwaukee area. Mad City Windows offers select bathtub, shower, and bathroom conversion services that fit any customer's requirements. Why not give us a call or fill out our online form to speak with a representative about our free cost estimates to get started with your renovation today.

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