Renuity Advanced Floor Coatings

Your garage must withstand many forms of wear and tear day in and day out, from heavy vehicle traffic to potential water and chemical spills. Is your garage equipped to withstand these constant challenges? If not, Mad City is here to help. We are proud to carry Advanced Floor Coatings by Renuity that will transform your garage for a lifetime. Our system is designed to maximize durability without sacrificing beauty.

The Best in Advanced Floor Coating Installation

Here at Mad City, we are proud to guarantee a level of knowledge and customer care that are second to none in the area. With our scientifically engineered advanced floor coatings, we're ready to transform your garage area in as little as 24 hours! Our factory-trained, expert installers never compromise on quality or service. We boast endless combinations with our decorative chip patterns that will make your garage floor stand out in your neighborhood.

Here are some of the exclusive benefits and features you can expect from our crew:

  • Hundreds of color and design combinations for a one-of-a-kind look
  • Our advanced floor coatings consists of a Polyurea Primer and Basecoat, Vinyl Flake, and Polyaspartic Topcoat.
  • Innovative Commercial-Grade durability and toughness that are five times stronger than epoxy.
  • Expert service from a top-tier team committed to consumer education
  • Increased home value that lasts years down the road
  • Advanced floor coatings that provide superior chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Non-slip, hygenic textures that provide superior protection against the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • Non-porous, easy-to-clean surfaces that saves you time and money

Enjoy Your Floor Coating In As Little As 24 Hours

You won't have to wait long for the floor you've always wanted. Take a look at what the process looks like for a Renuity Advanced Floor Coating Installation:

  1. Flake Selection - Select from one of our Signature Flake designs or Custom solids
  2. Empty The Garage/Room - Empty your garage/room or pay us to do it.
  3. Surface Profiling - CRITICAL. We treat oil spots, fill cracks, and then grind/vacuum floor to create the perfect profile for maximum adhesion. There are no shortcuts to this step.
  4. Apply Pigmented Primer/Basecoat - Our proprietary Primer/Basecoat will be applied at correct thickness in Medium Gray or Sand Tan depending on the Flake you select.
  5. Apply Vinyl Flake - We broadcast your Flake with 100% coverage.
  6. Cure - CRITICAL. We take into consideration time, temperature, and humidity and WILL NOT proceed until the appropriate time.
  7. Cross-Scrape Flake - The Flake is scraped and flattened cross-ways.
  8. Apply Topcoat - We apply our Topcoat at the correct thickness.
  9. Cure - You can walk on your floor in 2-3 hours. You can drive on your floor in 24 hours. We will provide Ram Board for your vehicle for the first 3-4 days.

Your Top Choice for Advanced Floor Coating Solutions

Here at Mad City, we proudly serve the communities throughout the Midwest with top-of-the-line flooring finishes that are backed by a lifetime warranty. To learn more and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, give us a call or fill out a quote form on our website to connect with our team!

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