What are the Differences in Refacing Cabinets and Remodeling the Kitchen?

When considering ways to update the heart of your home, two options include a full kitchen remodel and cabinet refacing. You might be wondering about the differences in refacing cabinets and remodeling the kitchen, so we’ve explained the differences below, but first let’s look at the similarities.

Both kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing give your space a fresh, updated look. Also, you’ll be able to choose every detail of your cabinets, including color, style, and fixtures.

The differences are that remodeling the kitchen may encompass changes to the entire space, while refacing the cabinets focuses only on the cabinets. While updated cabinets can transform the look of the room, there are limitations, including being unable to change the layout of the cabinets.

If you’re happy with the current layout and the cabinets are in good shape, you’ll find that cabinet refacing offers important benefits, such as:

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