It pays to make your home more energy efficient by installing energy-smart windows! Homeowners will find more cash in their pockets if they take advantage of newly reinstated federal tax credits that cover a number of home improvement projects considered to make the dwelling more energy efficient. Because lawmakers made these credits retroactive, energy efficient windows installed in both 2012 and throughout 2013 will qualify. The new expiration date for qualifying for these money-saving tax credits is December 31, 2013.

How Much Can Tax Credits Can I Receive?

Homeowners are allowed to obtain a total of $500 in credits for all energy-efficient improvements done to the home, with windows and skylights capped at $200. In order to qualify, the energy efficient windows must be installed in a residence considered the taxpayer’s principle residence and must be functional and in place no later than the deadline date of the last day of December, 2013. In order to claim a tax credit, Form 5695 must be filed with the taxpayer’s federal income tax return form in order to have the credit added to the amount of tax to be refunded or to be subtracted from the amount of taxes owed.

What Do I Need for the Form 5695?

An important document taxpayers must include with Form 5695 is something called a manufacturer’s certification statement. This is a signed statement from the window manufacturer certifying that the purchased window products that have been installed meets federal requirements for qualifying for the current tax credit program. If this certificate is not among the paperwork saved after energy efficient windows have been installed in the residence, the taxpayer should look on the window manufacturer’s website to request one by mail or to download one, or contact the retailer where they purchased their specific energy-smart windows.


The amount of tax credits that can be obtained are based on the cost of the windows alone and does not apply to any labor or installation costs, but this amount can still prove to be a welcome windfall. There is no guarantee that the Federal Government will extend the tax credit program for energy efficient windows past the current December 31, 2013 deadline. Homeowners who are planning any home improvement projects should contact Mad City Windows about their options for installing the right style of energy efficient windows in their primary residence before this money-saving tax credit offering expires. Taxpayers should also rely on their own personal tax accountant to ensure that they have properly filled out the tax credit request form and are submitting the proper manufacturer’s certification statement.