A lot of homeowners ask this question but unfortunately there is no outright general answer that you can use to close the internet window and go write a check to give to some contractor. The truth is that the cost of a bathroom remodel depends on a number of factors including how lavish you want your remodel to be, the existing size of the bathroom, the size you intend to make it, what kind of space you will be going into to make it bigger, any repairs that may be necessary, additional plumbing that may be required, additional electrical wiring that may be required etc. etc.

Still want a ball park answer? – Roughly $12,000 to $30,000. Here we will cover the four major factors that affect the price of your bathroom remodel.

  1. The size of the finished space you want to achieve. This is the first factor that will be used to determine the cost of your bathroom remodel. A larger bathroom will require larger fixtures and accessories, a larger vanity and possibly even a separate shower and tub. If you are doing a regular sized bathroom where you will simply be replacing any elements that need to go you will find that your costs will be far less. If you will be expanding your bathroom into a closet or other space that will need framed that will add up where costs are concerned. The bottom line is that a larger space means a larger amount of materials which means an increase in the cost of the overall bathroom remodel. You can lower costs by selecting particular materials for your tile or cabinet options.
  2. If it is necessary to add or repair plumbing in your bathroom then your overall cost will be higher. If you will be opening up walls, chances are you will be finding water damage and even wood rot; there may also be the necessity of changing plumbing lines all of which can really add up. These things must be dealt with before any new fixtures are installed so you want to add to your estimate an amount for possible plumbing repair.


    Additional plumbing may be needed if you want to install a new double sink where you only had a single sink. If you want to move your toilet new plumbing will have to go in etc. These costs will be labor costs but they do add up to the total cost of the remodel. You can also have the contractor install the new fixtures as a part of their plumbing repair or addition services.

  3. Necessity for electrical repair or additions. Electrical work is often required to ensure that your bathroom remodel meets code. You may need to do a number of electrical upgrades depending on the requirements set forth by your county.
  4. The cost of materials is of course a huge factor in the cost of your bathroom remodel. The major items that you may need to purchase include cabinetry, fixtures, tiles and lighting. You can save money by choosing pre-made cabinets over custom cabinets but choosing the right pre-made cabinets for your remodel can be a bit hard and can even throw your design out the door. Tiles are necessary for the floor and maybe for countertops depending on what your plans are for your remodel.



Since there is such a wide range of items available and wide range in prices as well it is very difficult to estimate a cost for a bathroom remodel. Your best bet is to get some estimates and then do your best research to find out which materials are most cost effective as well as which contractors too.