Regardless of the type of sunroom windows that you choose, window treatments are something that you will need to consider. Some of the best window treatments for sunrooms might surprise you! From blinds to shades, to curtains and more, since your sunroom is made up of many windows, window treatments have the ability to completely change the look and feel of your sunroom’s interior. The main goal of a window treatment is to improve the look of your sunroom, as well as privacy and the option to block out the sun if you want to!

What are some of the best window treatments for sunrooms?

Plantation-style Shutters

Plantation-style shutters are some of the best window treatments for sunrooms because they can serve several purposes at once. They are very durable and fairly easy to maintain; just dust them every so often and you should be good to go. They also provide protection from the sun and the option to add a bit of privacy. Plantation-style shutters can also help cool your sunroom; simply close them fully to block out the sun for a little while and feel the temperature drop! Plantation-style shutters can be a wonderful addition to your sunroom, but be aware that they can become expensive depending on the materials you choose and the number and size of the windows you want to cover. If you want a more affordable option, choose PVC plantation-style shutters over wooden ones as the PVC is less expensive and easier to maintain.

Curtains, Blinds, and Shades

Curtains, blinds, and shades can be opaque, or translucent, allowing different amounts of light through them even when they are closed. These are some of the most ideal window treatments for sunrooms, especially if you would like to achieve a layered look.


Curtains are the easiest window treatments for sunrooms to layer. They can also allow you to give your sunroom a feeling of open air without having all of the windows uncovered. Sheer curtains can allow in plenty of air and light while still offering some privacy.

Blinds and shades can also be semi-transparent, allowing in some light while blocking direct sunlight from entering the sunroom. This can help give your sunroom a diffused glow and allow you to enjoy the benefits of sunlight without the drawbacks of direct exposure.

Window Films and Coverings

If you aren’t interested in the maintenance and upkeep associated with traditional window treatments for sunrooms, why not install window films? While most windows that are used in sunrooms today come with films or coverings from the factory, there is always the option to add additional films or coverings to increase your protection. Many films can offer increased UV protection, and some can also offer the benefits of one-way glass, allowing you to see out but keep others from seeing into your sunroom.


The windows you choose can be one of the most costly aspects of your sunroom, however it is very important to purchase windows that are good quality. Once you have chosen the windows for your sunroom you can get to the fun part, decorating by choosing the best window treatments for sunrooms while you decorate the newest addition to your home!



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