Your windows might be secretly costing you more money than you realize. Inefficient heating and cooling systems in your home may be running more frequently due to old windows with air leaks. If you’re concerned about your windows, there are a few tell-tale signs to keep your eyes peeled for.

Do a Visual & Tactile Inspection

Spend a few minutes inspecting each window from the inside and outside. You should visually inspect the window for an signs of damage or excessive wear. Also, look for signs of moisture damage around the window. Even a foggy window pane can be concerning. Then, hold your hand near the frame of the window and feel for temperature changes or air movement. If you’re unsure whether or not you feel a draft, the only tool you really need is a piece of paper. If you place a piece of paper over the window it should move with any air movement. 

Temporary Solutions for Window Leaks

If you find a leak, you’ll probably want to do something to remedy the situation quickly. The only problem is you might need time to shop for new windows or get financing in place. There are several temporary options that you can use to stop air leaks until you can get new windows. Consider weatherstripping, caulk, or window film to improve your windows.

Each option has pros and cons. While weatherstripping is the cheapest option, it may not work as well as caulk. Caulk is not the most expensive option on the market, but it is messy and if you’ve never worked with it before, it can be disastrous. Window film works the best but it’s also the most expensive among the temporary options on the list.

The Bottom Line on Air Leaks & Your Windows

Your windows may be costing you money, if you’re starting to feel the stress in your wallet, give our window company a call. The window replacement professionals at Mad City Windows can help you determine your potential cost savings with new windows. We’ll take a look and let you know when it’s time to update your home with new windows. Call to schedule a free window replacement consultation in Rockford today.