When looking through the endless stream of inspiration for kitchen remodels or building plans, it can be disorienting when you don’t know precisely what style you are searching for. Outlining the different kitchen styles and what they may mean can help you make future decisions on design choices.


There are a plethora of different kitchen styles, all with historical roots that defined them. While many may have subcategories (like mid-century modern, which has gained popularity the past few years), it is easiest to look towards some of the most popular and timeless kitchen styles; Modern, Transitional, and Contemporary.


Modern and Clean: Sleek Kitchen Designs

Envisioning a modern kitchen, you may begin to think of the typical cool-toned neutrals and sleek, angular lines. Often a modern kitchen will feature very little or even no hardware, trading knobs and pulls for a cleaner look. While most people would view the modern style as anything “new,” the trend finds its roots in World War 1, trading ornate fixtures for a seamless look. If you find yourself drawn to this style, you’ll often like neutral colors throughout your kitchen and favor flat-faced cabinets.


Contemporary and Trendy: Neutral with Splashes of Color

Blending modern design with a minimalist style, contemporary kitchens offer a distinct aesthetic that is often on-trend. Slab door cabinets are a staple of contemporary kitchens; while they are usually in a darker tone, you may also find a pop of bold color! When a bold color palette isn’t used to draw the eye, interior designers will utilize patterns instead. This is where the distinction between a contemporary and modern kitchen is. Fans of contemporary kitchens often choose a playful backsplash or color for cabinetry; cabinet refacing can allow you to take already existing cabinets and make them look new!


Transitional and Classic: Timeless with Updated Details

The Transitional style incorporates different aspects of Traditional and Contemporary kitchens. This style will often be a bit more flexible in the design space as there are less rules, it’s simply a medley of two very different types. You’ll find kitchens with geometric designs, like shaker cabinets, with industrial lighting fixtures and a blend of man-made materials to offset the natural palette. If a Transitional Kitchen is more to your liking, you may have a more challenging time deciding on design choices, but you’ll also be open to so many more! Transitional kitchens are typically considered more “timeless” as they’ll have a mix of what is on-trend as well as tried and true styles. 


If you find yourself ready to make a design change or further upgrade your space, having a clear vision of what style you are going for can help avoid design changes along the way. Keep in mind that you don’t need to completely renovate your kitchen in order to change styles. A simple, and less expensive, cabinet refacing project with Mad City Windows can help you easily change the style of your kitchen! Get started with a free quote to see what this project could look like for you.


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