When starting the search for a good siding product, it’s important that you make sure the product you choose has at least three important components. First, you need to make sure the siding you choose is high quality, energy efficient, and incredibly durable. Those are just the basic must haves. Here at Mad City Windows, every single product that bears our trusted name is of the highest quality in the industry. Our composite siding and its benefits don’t stop there! Our siding will add up to 25 percent of insulation to your home making it more comfortable in the winter and in the summer months. It is Energy Star certified, which means that it has met the strictest energy efficiency standards. Another benefit to our smart siding is that it is very low maintenance.

We all know how dangerous mold and mildew is. If it finds its way into your home (or even outside), it can make you and your family extremely sick. Our TriWall composite siding takes this fear off the table! Our siding eliminates the possibility of mold and mildew showing up on your doorstep. Taking things a step further, it actually improves the ventilation and air quality of your home. That’s certainly a win-win! Also, you will never have to worry about the infestation of ants and destructive termites.

Many of our customers love all the compliments they receive since they invested in our TriWall composite siding. They say no one really noticed their house before and that it was dull and lacked life. Now, it’s the best looking house around and neighbors are taking notice. We offer a slew of designer colors to match any color scheme you have in mind. Local realtors say our siding is so good-looking that it is a great selling feature and actually draws the buyers in. Our composite siding cannot be beat. It is environmentally friendly and will stand up to high winds and extreme weather without flinching. In addition to our wide array of designer colors, our selection also includes different materials such as vinyl, steel, wood, and aluminum. Proudly serving our great state of Wisconsin since 1998, we would love the opportunity to show you what truly makes Mad City a stand out from all the rest!