If you are holding onto your old leaky and inefficient windows you are not doing yourself any favors! Winter is right around the corner and you are about to sit back and allow all of your expensive, heated air to escape out the window. Replacing your old and leaky windows is not only a great way to start saving on your energy bills, it’s a great way to make a smart investment. Energy efficient vinyl windows can help save you money on your heating or cooling bills, while adding value to your home as long as you choose Energy Star certified windows. Research shows that investing in energy efficient windows will bring you back a great return on investment compared to other home improvement options.

Not only does window replacement improve the overall look and value of your home, but it improves your home’s energy efficiency. A couple of indications that it might be time to replace your windows are: if you’re current window starts to deteriorate, if they become drafty or airy, if they are foggy or ice over and if they become non-functional. Another indicator, HIGH energy bills. Due to their design, our windows actually allow less energy loss from your home resulting in a lower heating and cooling bill. They also feature insulated glass that is thicker than your average window and we offer thicker window frames as well, keeping your expensive air inside, where it belongs!

While its crucial to invest in a high quality and energy efficient window replacement, it’s equally important that you choose a company with TOP NOTCH window contractors. Here at Mad City Windows, we are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. With us, you not only get extremely high quality products, you also get EXPERT window contractors. We believe it’s important to choose a company that EXCELS at window replacement. If you don’t you will NOT get energy efficient windows. You will have gaps and leaks and that adds up to money thrown OUT THE WINDOW. All of our guys have been with us for years and go through extensive training. We believe they are the BEST in the industry and will make sure you have a trouble free operation, and windows that are air tight!

The bottom line is that our vinyl windows are the best of the best! Plus, we believe we have the most skilled contractors in the industry! High quality products, expert installers, and fair and honest pricing. Just a few reasons why Mad City is YOUR Home improvement experts in Madison and throughout South Central Wisconsin.