No one really enjoys getting older. Not just the physical changes that come along with aging but also the mobility issues that often seem to rear their ugly head. Often times, mobility issues make it difficult to take care of our own personal hygiene needs in the bathroom. Taking a bath in a traditional bathtub for example is often difficult and dangerous. We here at Mad City Baths want to help. Our top-of-the-line products ranging from our walk-in-tub, tub-to-shower conversion, step-through insert, or barrier free shower will make independent bathing easier and safer. No matter what product will best help you or your loved one, we offer the highest quality products and a wide array of styles, colors and patterns.

The problem with traditional bathtubs is that they require you to balance on one foot while climbing over that high bathtub. This is not only dangerous but difficult because mobility issues often make it hard to balance. If you are experiencing these challenges our tub-to-shower conversion is the answer you’ve been waiting for. This product is by far one of our most popular products with Madison homeowners. In a day or two max, we can have your job complete! We simply take out that old tub and replace it with a low step-through shower, using your existing tub space. This will not only give you a more functional bathing option but using your tub space will give you a larger, more spacious shower. We have lots of safety features including a slip resistant floor, grab bars, built-in shower seat, and our step is only a few inches from the floor. This will enable you to safely take a shower, ON YOUR OWN, without ever having to depend on someone just to bathe yourself.

Benefits include:

  • Bathing Independence: Features like a safety seat, a low step-through threshold, and accessories like grab bars can help make bathing safer and easier.
  • Fast Installation: Can be installed in as little as one to two days.
  • Made in America: We use only the highest quality 100% American-made acrylic for our baths and showers.
  • We Believe in our Products 100%: Lifetime Guarantee on your tub-to-shower conversion.
  • Adds Value to your Home: A bathroom remodel can increase the resale value of your home.
  • Easy to Clean: Not having grout lines or pores makes for easy cleaning while naturally resisting mold and mildew.

Our satisfied homeowners in Madison, Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Fitchburg, and throughout Southern Central Wisconsin tell us that our product not only helped them hold onto their bathing independence but kept them in the comforts of their home. We CAN do the same for you! That’s the Mad City Baths difference!