Make your space functional and eye-catching with these style tips for your kitchen backsplash. These steps will get you your dream kitchen fast! With the help of Mad City, you can personalize your space to have the kitchen of your dreams!

Initial Research 

When researching style and color options, you can begin by measuring your space. Measure the height by the width of the space to get the square footage of the space you’re looking at. Next, when you begin looking into different contractors you will be able to get different estimates depending on your space. It is always a good idea to get multiple estimates before deciding which contractor to go with. 

Make it Timeless

Creating a perfect kitchen space means it’s a space you will enjoy today and for many years to come! This timeless look that will stay current for years is one that can be achieved with a neutral color and a variety of shapes. Subway tile is a popular choice, but that is not the only option for you! Neutral colors from natural materials are a great pick. The shape of the tile will add texture to your space that will make it stand out. 

Add Personality

Once you have your tiles picked out, you then can make decisions about the layout and grout color you choose. These options can change the appearance of your backsplash and add a touch of style to it. Choosing grout that matches your tile will blend in, while a contrasting grout color will look bold. Other design tips can include the space between the tiles and the arrangement. Personalizing these design decisions will make you love your space! 

Modern Vs. Traditional 

The traditional style of backsplash includes small-sized tiles and often mosaic looks. For a more modern space, larger tiles with less texture are more popular. These preferences will help your backsplash flow well in your space. 

Consider Backsplash Early On

When redesigning your kitchen space, choose a backsplash early on. The backsplash is a main visible component of your kitchen and can then help you pick the style of your cabinets and countertops after. Adding a pop of color is a great way to spice up your space, and the backsplash can be a great place for that. 

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