Many people think hard about hiring a contractor when they have a construction project that needs to be completed; on one hand they could potentially save a lot of money doing it themselves, but on the other hand there are numerous benefits of having a contractor working on the project. Hiring a contractor versus doing-it-yourself has its advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll cover a few of the main points in just a moment!

Who has more experience?

You –  Unless you’ve already done a similar project, you’re not likely to have the experience needed to complete the job. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but most people do not know how to rewire a home or work with the plumbing in a kitchen or bathroom.


Contractor – A good contractor will bring not only their experience on similar projects to your job, but they will also be able to prove that they have said experience. This can be done via a portfolio or a list of clients you may contact.

Is the work guaranteed?

You – When you are doing-it-yourself, if you mess up, the costs are all on you. There is no guarantee or warranty on work that you do for yourself, and most people do not take out insurance on themselves or the work that is being done. Contractor – Hiring a contractor versus doing-it-yourself has the benefit of a guarantee on the work that is done for your project. Contractors also have their own insurance on themselves and any support staff they bring to the job site. This all adds up to more security and peace of mind, all points in favor of hiring a contractor versus doing-it-yourself.

Is there a contract?

You – Again, unless you have experience working on a similar project or using similar materials, you won’t have any contracts when it comes time to find the best prices on the materials you need. Contractor – Another benefit of hiring a contractor versus doing-it-yourself is that not only do contractors often have contracts on materials, they have access to labor at reduced rates as well. Contractors also have experience with other materials you might not have considered and can direct you to options that are just as functional and good-looking as your original choices, and often at a fraction of the cost.

How long will it take?

You – Whether you are working on your project alone or with help, it is likely going to take you a lot longer than a contractor to finish the same job. While it is possible to save money while working on something yourself, there is most often a sacrifice of time. Contractoor – Especially in the case of larger jobs, hiring a contractor versus doing-it-yourself is going to save you a lot of time. This can be very important when the work being done is in a high-traffic area such as a kitchen or bathroom. A contractor will also quote you a timeframe for completion of your project when they put together a contract.

So, while it might seem like a good idea, doing-it-yourself can have quite a few drawbacks that can offset the benefits of saving a little money. Hiring a contractor versus doing-it-yourself can give you peace of mind, a guarantee, and a contract for the job, all of which can make the choice to hire a contractor that much easier to make!



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