When you are in the market for new siding, the first thing you need to do is choose a reputable and experienced company that only puts their trusted name on the highest quality siding products. Here at Mad City Windows, we are committed to only putting our trusted name on the very best products. In fact, on a daily basis we turn down manufacturers who ask us to carry their products. Unless it is of the highest quality in the industry, we will not put the Mad City name on it!

Here at Mad City, our siding is a composite siding that contains an insulating foam as its backing. You will love how our foam backed siding keeps your home warm in the cold, winter months and cool, in the hot summer months. Our foam backed insulated siding is the answer to you wanting to increase your home’s energy efficiency while lowering your monthly energy bill. It is Energy Star rated! Our product can actually add up to 25 percent more insulation to your home!

Within a few months you will see how our foam backed siding is so much smarter than other siding types. Another benefit is that our Foam backed siding is practically maintenance free and never needs to be painted! Our TriWall siding is also friendly to the environment and really looks just like real wood. Your neighbors will think you spent a fortune on it. Another plus is that our Foam backed siding is incredibly tough compared to other siding types. It is four times stronger than other siding types and is resistant to impact, moisture, wind and insects. Unlike other siding products, ours will also never fade or crack!

You will love that our foam backed insulated siding is available in a huge selection of designer colors. Your home will be so good looking when we are done with it. Plus, you will love that our siding also improves the ventilation inside your home. That means improved air quality! For years we have been providing residents in Madison, Green Bay, Milwaukee & throughout South Central Wisconsin with the highest quality home improvement products. We would love the opportunity to come out, shake your hand and show you why our customers keep coming back to Mad City.