If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom but fearing the worst, your search for the right bathroom remodeling company is over! Here at Mad City Baths, we excel in affordable, on -time and convenient bathroom remodeling. Plus, we take things a step further with our life-changing green bathroom remodeling options. Many homeowners have heard about green bathroom remodeling but don’t understand or know about all the positives of going “green”. First and foremost green bathroom remodeling will save you a great deal of energy. Plus, going green is a healthier option for you and your family. Green remodeling will save you from constant visits to the doctor!

Many home experts say that going green in the bathroom is a very savvy home improvement because you will recoup the costs that you invested through savings on your energy and water bills. Each and every month. Another benefit to going green in your bathroom is that research shows that you will spend less money on maintenance and repairs.

Here at Mad City Baths, we can give you the gorgeous bathroom you’ve always wanted and we can typically do it in about a day or two! Plus, we will be on budget and our contractors and designers work clean so that you are not left with any mess! Our contractors are all factory-certified which means they have the experience needed to make sure you get a perfect installation with absolutely no gaps or leaks! We offer exceptional products, expert installation, and we stay on budget! We know our products are exceptional which is why we have no problem offering a lifetime warranty on every single one of our Luxury Bath products. If you want to start saving money and you want your family to also live a healthier life, give us a call here at Mad City Baths. Our unbeatable warranty makes the choice a smart and easy one!