If the exterior of your home makes you frown every time you pull up to your home, high-quality and energy efficient house siding is your answer. Our house siding is the very best you will find and is a great way to affordably step-up your homes appearance while saving energy. Here at Mad City Windows, our high-quality product is an environmentally friendly siding that combines beauty and performance with the real look and feel of solid wood. Our product isn’t your average house siding. Instead, our product, TriWall is resistant to wind, impact, moisture and insects and will never chalk, fade, crack or wave! Plus, it’s green and incredibly durable. It is four times stronger than vinyl and its insulation is Energy Star rated. It also comes in longer lengths than traditional siding for a virtually seamless appearance. Another benefit is that you can ditch your ladder and paintbrush because you will not have to repaint your house every year.

Advantages of Composite Siding:

· Energy Efficiency –Our product will save you a great deal each and every month on your energy bills. Adding insulated siding to your home can make it more energy-efficient. Our siding can add up to 25 percent more insulation to your home. Plus, our siding has energy star ratings.

· Reduce Maintenance– When you install TriWall composite siding, you no longer have to worry about peeling paint or rotting sideboards. Plus it is peel and chip resistant, so the color will last longer than just painting the walls of your home.

· Health Benefits-With TriWall composite siding, you can eliminate the possibility of having mildew or mold growing on the exterior walls of your home.

· Curb Appeal– Composite siding is very attractive and will improve your home’s curb appeal. Installing siding can give your home a makeover without all the costs of a renovation. You will find siding in different styles to mimic the appearance of wood paneling.

· Resale value-Increases your home’ asking price.

With Mad City Windows, you get the very best products and materials. We believe we have the very best installers in the industry. We’ve been helping homeowners throughout South Central Wisconsin transform the look of their homes and save energy since 1998 and we’d love to help you! Mad City Windows is your home siding experts.