Remodeling your bathroom is not only a great way to improve your satisfaction in your home, but it’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home. Many homeowners get overwhelmed and stressed by the thought of beginning a home remodel. Like anything else, the secret to overcoming feelings of uneasiness is to plan, plan and plan some more!

Starting your bathroom remodel with a clear and well-articulated plan will keep things running smoothly from start to finish. Below are eight of our favorite tips to consider before, during and after your bathroom remodel!

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Consider Your Time Frame

It’s important to have a solid idea of your time frame before starting any home remodeling project. Do you have another bathroom in your house you can use during the remodel or will you be staying with a friend? Creating a time frame and sticking to it will help you decide which parts of the remodel you can do yourself and which parts you’ll need to hire out.

Make a List…and Stick to it!

Before getting into the remodel, it’s important to consider which parts of your current bathroom you’ll be replacing and which parts you’ll be salvaging. Do you need new tiles? A new sink? Thinking about adding a stand-up shower? Consider everything you’ll need to build your dream bathroom and compile it into a list for your own reference.

Gather Inspiration

Pinterest is a great source to gather home remodeling inspiration. Create a “Bathroom Remodel” board and pin photos to decide on your ideal remodeling style. To take a look at what some of our clients have designed, head to the Mad City Instagram page, @madcitybathsandwindows.

Decide on a Budget

Decide on a budget, but be flexible. Remember, it’s impossible to plan for everything perfectly when it comes to home remodeling. There may be some unexpected costs, so do your best to plan accordingly.

Ask for Help

When planning a bathroom remodel, most homeowners don’t have all the answers. At Mad City Windows & Baths, we have a large team dedicated to quality construction, safe installations, and excellent customer service.

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