The bathroom causes countless falls every year, and most of the victims are seniors whose mobility limitation makes navigating slippery surfaces a dangerous feat. Accessible bathroom remodeling is not only for aging adults and those with disabilities. Homeowners trying to upgrade their bathrooms should re-evaluate their designs to fit their needs as they grow old in their homes.

Bathroom features like wet shower tiles and a low toilet can be dangerous for the elderly. However, installing a handicapped bathtub or shower can transform your entire space into an accessible and safe place for bathing.

Before you start your bathroom remodeling project, here are five tips that will make your bathroom more accessible.

1. Enhance Your Door Width

One of the biggest issues many homeowners with limited mobility face is the width of their door. Standard bathrooms are 24 inches wide, which is not big enough to accommodate a wheelchair. The minimum width that accommodates a wheelchair is 32 inches. You should consider adding more space to your bathroom entryway to ensure a convenient entrance and exit.

2. Roll-In Showers

This is also known as a barrier-free shower. It allows those with mobility challenges to enter and exit the shower without climbing over a higher threshold. That’s not all; it also allows those in wheelchairs free access to the shower, making it easy to transfer to a stool or bench for bathing.

3. Fixed Shower Seating

A fixed shower seat attached to enclosure walls functions as a means of support while bathing. Instead of trying to look for support while bathing, seniors can settle on the fixed shower seat. From there, shaving or scrubbing won’t demand much flexibility. This simple upgrade can make a huge difference in creating a safer and enjoyable bathing experience.

4. Grab Bars

Shower curtains and towel racks that seniors normally use for support as they navigate the bathroom are not designed to handle such weight. That’s why you should invest in sturdy grab bars which can be mounted inside and outside a bathing enclosure. Grab bars can effectively combine safety and style. And they are available in a variety of finishes that complement shower heads and faucets. If you want to avoid a plain look, you can choose a colorful grab bar that matches other features in the bathroom.

5. Slip-Resistant Tile Flooring

Using textured flooring for your bathroom can help avoid dangerous slips and falls, especially when the floor is wet. Grip-friendly and slip-resistant mosaic tiles are not only beautiful, but they offer a wide range of design possibilities that are compatible with most styles. Whether you go for the small tiles or the larger ones, a little texture is enough to prevent accidents.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Today

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